Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To do or not to do?

Applying for jobs recently has gotten me to thinking about what exactly I want to do for my career. And really, I have not yet gotten it narrowed down yet. My favorite options, in no particular order are:

~Become an EIT (on the way for that, I'm signed up for the FE) and then a PE. Meet lots of contacts in the professional world and find "a niche in the market," as my dad would phrase it. In other words, when I'm a PE I want to be meeting contacts so that I can open my own consulting business, hopefully by the time I'm thirty. I just need to figure out what exactly people would be consulting with me for. But I do already have a logo!This is me working at a construction site working for ECS. On my way to becoming a PE!

~Become a world famous novelist. Of course, that means I have to become any type of novelist first, but if I never write a book in my entire life then I'm going to be very disappointed with myself. Also, this is something that I plan on doing whatever my career is, and this would only be my MAIN career if I did become world famous. And rich.

~Open a bookstore. This is definitely one of my favorites. And the least likely. Belonging in this category is also opening up my own pastry shop. I've been doing a lot of baking recently, and I've discovered I'm pretty talented at it. What would be really cool is if I could open up a bookstore with a pastry shop in it. I guess I might as well serve coffee there too. But does that sound too much like Barnes and Noble or Borders? If I opened up my own bookstore I would want it to have some cool twist so that I could compete with the big boys.I've posted this picture before, but I haven't taken any other pictures of my baked goods apparently! I should have gotten a picture of my peach crisp... it's my fave so far.

~Work for Forella Group. Maybe expand what we do so that I can use my ME degree. I would want to become a PE before I did this though, Forella Group needs more credentials. Also, I could help Forella Group really grow and then open my own branch in another part of the country (Florida). That would be awesome.

~Go back to school and get my Masters or PhD and figure out what I want to do from there. I don't know what I would do with it though.

So those are the most likely options at the moment. Of course, winning the lottery should be in there too, but I'm just going to take that one for granted.


  1. You gotta work in the engineering field for 5 years to get a PE license, I'm sure you know that, but you make it sounds like you just take a test and you're a PE!

    Lets slave away as little engineers for awhile, get our PE, somewhere along the way write a novel, and then when one of us becomes rich and/or famous we can both quit and open a book store together. You can make pastries. I'll eat them.

    Sound good?

  2. Can I work there, too?