Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Obsession

My newest *online* obsession is Post Secret. I read one of the Post Secret books ages ago, and I liked reading through it, but ever since I stumbled upon it online, it's become an obsession.

This is the Post Secret book that I read.

The only thing holding back my obsession is that they only post new secrets every Sunday. However, never fail, every Monday morning I go through my blogs starting with Post Secret. Some of them really hit home, and I feel like I have an identical twin out there somewhere in the world going through the same things as me, and I wish I could meet them. Other secrets make me really feel for the secret-keeper, and I hope that whatever it is they're wishing for comes true.

I like to imagine the stories behind all of the secrets. I wonder who I would get along with, and who I would think is just crazy, or conceited, or selfish. Some of them make me want to write a book about what I think the story could be. I think that it would be really cool to choose my favorite secret and publish a book with what I think the story could be, with the postcard printed on the cover of the book. And then maybe one day the secret-keeper will contact me and tell me I had it all right and they could correct me just on the details. Or maybe they'll contact me and tell me that I'm completely wrong and don't try to understand something I could never understand. Whichever way it went, I would love to find out.

This is my favorite secret from this week.

I like this one a lot too.

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  1. I like Post Secret too, but I didn't know they had a website...my blog list is getting a lot longer...

    Have you heard of Found! It's similar, except its just found stuff. Sometimes it's funny sometimes it's not. I read the book on the flight back from Europe last May and liked it a lot!