Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things!

Today was my Be Productive Day. My apartment has been a MESS since last semester and I was supposed to clean before I left for winter break, but then I decided to have fun in the snow instead. Oops! But I am very proud of myself, today I cleaned my room. Like CLEAN cleaned. I organized my shoes, cosmetics, hair products, books/papers, clothes AND made my bed. And vacuumed!

My bed is neatly made!

Nothing is messy on my dresser! You can see me standing on my bed thru the mirror tho lol...

Boots neatly lined up!

Shoes separated by type!

Yay for having a clean room.

P.S. A hair picture will be posted soon, as soon as I take one I like!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hair Cut!

I am a failure as a girl, this I know and acknowledge. My last hair cut was over a year a go, which means that my hair has all sorts of fun dead ends and it's been absolutely killed by my hairdryer and straightener. Way past over due. I've been thinking about what type of hairstyle to get since before thanksgiving, because originally I was going to get it over thanksgiving break. I debated for a while about going blonde, but as much as I want it I can't afford it, it would absolutely kill my hair, and I don't want to pay for touch ups, or it would ruin my hair even more to re-dye it back to my natural brown. So, no blonde. The other thing I was debating about was bangs, and I have decided to go for it. I found some celebrities with hairstyles that I really like.

I really like the bangs on Katie Holmes, but I think I want my hair to be a little bit longer than a bob this time... but I may change my mind.

I really like Halle Berry's bangs too, but her hair's longer than mine is now and my hair's not wavy at all. Or not wavy without looking crappy.

I loooove Jessica Simpson's hair. I'm going to go in to Dora (my sister's hairdresser) and show her all three pictures but tell her that I particularly like Jessica Simpson's. I wish I could have her blonde hair too! Oh well, c'est la vie.

When I get my hair cut I'll make sure to post a picture of how it looks!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I collect the most random things...

I have what I think is a large robe collection. Maybe there are others out there with more robes than me, but with my modest means, in chronological order, I have collected:

a dark blue terry cloth robe given to my dad by my mom about ten years ago, then appropriated by me... my first robe... this is my favorite robe for just out of a shower because it soaks up all the water

a yellow robe with smiley faces all over it given to me by my mom for christmas... this is a nice robe for lounging

a red robe with a hood that's sooo soft given to me by Klooster for secret santa... perfect robe for when it's really cold and I want my head covered too

a light blue robe with rainbows all over it given to my sister by my mom for christmas and stolen by me when she left it behind after moving out (sorry...) this is another good robe for lounging

and a really light silky material red robe with hearts all over it given to me by Zach because I had been complaining that all my robes were winter robes and none were summer robes... as such it is perfect for when I need a robe when it's not cold out

So really, I only have five robes. Maybe that's not actually that many, but when they're all hanging on the hooks behind my door it creates QUITE the bundle. The funny thing is that for the second and third robe at the time I really didn't think I needed another robe, but by the fourth and fifth I can see why I need each and every one of them, and hopefully more to come in the future.