Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things!

Today was my Be Productive Day. My apartment has been a MESS since last semester and I was supposed to clean before I left for winter break, but then I decided to have fun in the snow instead. Oops! But I am very proud of myself, today I cleaned my room. Like CLEAN cleaned. I organized my shoes, cosmetics, hair products, books/papers, clothes AND made my bed. And vacuumed!

My bed is neatly made!

Nothing is messy on my dresser! You can see me standing on my bed thru the mirror tho lol...

Boots neatly lined up!

Shoes separated by type!

Yay for having a clean room.

P.S. A hair picture will be posted soon, as soon as I take one I like!


  1. I wanna see your haircut!

    P.S. Wow I've never seen you have such a clean room!

  2. it looks like the frog is humping the dog on your bed (1st pic) LOL