Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spring Break at Myrtle Beach, March 2010.

This is the boys running excitedly towards the water because YAY we're at the beach and it's spring break!

This is the boys seconds later.

This is Alex ummm... complaining it was just a little too cold for some areas.

This is the boys wondering why on earth did they do that. And plotting. They were plotting too.

This is me being dumped unceremoniously in the water.

This is the boys being boys and running back into the water.

This photo is an example of why you don't ask really tall people to take your picture.


My darling Dakota is a terribly confused puppy.

Exhibit A:

Most dogs don't like to pee on linoleum.

Dakota is much more likely to pee on linoleum than carpet.

Exhibit B:

Most dogs sniff things to see if it's something good to eat, then they eat it.

Dakota eats it then spits it out and sniffs it. Example: Lit cigarette.

Exhibit C:

Most dogs whine while they're being given a vaccine shot.

Dakota cried bloody murder before the shot. Then was silent during it.

Exhibit D:

Most dogs go pee then kick up dirt to cover it up.

Dakota kicks up dirt then pees on it.

I could go on... but I'll just leave it at that.

Monday, September 27, 2010


My entire life I have avoided watching sports. Actually, I’ve really avoided playing sports too. Yes, I played tee ball and softball when I was little, and the obligatory six year old soccer. But I was the one sitting on the grass picking daisies hoping that the ball never came near me. It didn’t work too well when I was goalie. But now I have a boyfriend who is INTO SPORTS. Like… TV always turned to ESPN, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, plays sports competitively, bets on brackets, fantasy football fanatic, wears the jerseys, gets depressed if his team is losing, and is ecstatic when they’re winning… into sports.

The little exposure to this sports life that I had before now was from my brother in law insisting on watching the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving. Which was always a fight because Thanksgiving is about family not football. And okay I went to Virginia Tech and attended all of the home football games… but let’s be honest, that was about the tailgating and turkey legs, not the football.

And then I start work at a place that is male-dominated… which meant I needed to be able to talk sports for small talk. So Lauren and I cooked up this idea of starting an all girl fantasy football league.

*picture coming soon*

And now, I can talk putting in Wide Receivers and taking out Running Backs, and what Corner Backs are gonna affect what Wide Receivers with the best of them.

*picture coming soon*