Thursday, April 29, 2010

The love of my life.

Once upon a time a little (okay, not so little) girl went with her boyfriend and a friend to the Pulaski animal shelter in search of her dream puppy. She wanted a small puppy, eight to ten weeks old, which would get to be a smallish medium size, hopefully hypoallergenic, and didn't require too much exercise.

The first puppies she saw were absolutely adorable.

They looked something like these little guys, but a little bit older.

These puppies were so sweet and licked her fingers when she tried to pet them and were crawling all over each other. Unfortunately, the animal shelter guy said they were baby st. bernards and were going to get HUGE. Cute as they were at that age, they were just not the right dog, so girl moved on to look at the other dogs at the shelter.

One pretty puppy stood out when the girl was walking around. The girl walked past her kennel the first time and commented "oh, she's so pretty!" but kept walking, cuz this puppy was a barking puppy and the girl did not want a yapper. But she kept going back to the same kennel because boy, was this dog pretty! And maybe she was just barking because she wanted to play, who could blame her? So the girl asked for a leash and took the pretty puppy in a play pen to try to determine her personality. The puppy ran all around the pen five times getting all of her energy out while she wasn't cooped up, and the girl sat down to watch. As soon as the girl sat down, THIS happened:

The puppy stopped running around and jumped right into the girl's lap! And oh my gosh the girl fell absolutely in love. This was exactly the personality of dog she wanted, a cuddler that loved people!

But the puppy was just too old! She was already ten months old, and the girl wanted a baby puppy that she could train and raise from infancy. Who knew what bad habits this puppy already had??

Then again, this was exactly what she wanted when the puppy WAS ten months old, and a dog is a fifteen year or so commitment. She only missed a few months in the beginning, and that's just a fraction of how long she would have the dog for! And who knew what type of personality a baby puppy would develop, it could be awful! And this puppy's personality was already developed and was sweet as can be.

The girl was in such a quandary, but the more she stayed and played with the puppy, the more she fell in love with her. However, her pragmatic boyfriend suggested that she sleep on it, and not rush in to getting a puppy the first day she started looking.

As they were leaving, the girl asked the animal shelter guy how long the puppy would be at the shelter, if anyone else would come adopt her really soon. The guy said she's an older dog and mostly people only adopt the puppies, she'd been here about a week and they'd probably give her another three weeks before they put her down. "PUT HER DOWN?????" the girl was shocked. She had thought it was a no kill shelter! They couldn't possibly put this puppy down!

But nevertheless, she did have some thinking to do, because just because it might break her heart if they put this dog down, if it wasn't the right dog for her then she would be miserable taking care of her for fifteen years. So she went home and thought about it.

She stayed up late that night trying to decide if this was the right puppy or not. She tried to look at it from every angle and be completely objective. Her boyfriend suggested that she try looking at other shelters to see if there were any other dogs out there that would be a better match.

So in the morning, the girl and her boyfriend went to two more places to look at dogs. The first one was the pound, and it was such an absolutely miserable place the girl left crying, she couldn't stay any longer.

The second place had two different litters of puppies that were eight weeks old! And oh my gosh these were some cute puppies! And so playful! And were going to get a little bit bigger than the girl wanted, but still would be a medium sized dog, which wasn't too big!

They weren't these guys, but were just as cute and playful!

But the whole time the girl played with these adorable puppies she kept thinking about the pretty golden puppy that was at the animal shelter. So after playing with these puppies for a while she turned to her boyfriend and said "Can we go get my puppy now?"

So off they rode to get the pretty puppy that had wormed her way into the girls heart.

This is the ride home from the animal shelter. The new puppy was so good in the car!

After much thought, and lots of help from her sister, the new puppy was eventually named Dakota. And as it turns out, the not so little girl was me!

So world, meet Dakota, the puppy that has stolen my heart!

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