Monday, April 26, 2010


Okay, so I got REALLY behind on posting. BUT I still want to post about Easter because it was cute and I had a good time.

I'm going to skip the entire day until the evening. I don't remember what happened during the day... probably just slept and watched TV. So skipping on ahead, to start off with we went to dinner! Yay!

This is an awful picture of the two of us, but it's all we took!

Dinner was at Olive Garden, and it was totally scrumptious. We wanted to get wine but we were both broke, so c'est la vie!

After dinner we made Easter eggs! And really, the easter eggs are all that this post is about. We were very creative making them, and they turned out really well. Alex loves sports, so of course his first three were all sport related.

The dye kit came with a wax crayon, which is what he used to draw the lines. I'd never done that before so I thought it was pretty cool!

After a while, I tried to find a way to have the egg sitting halfway in the dye without me actually holding it the whole time. I decided to use a shot glass.

This ended up being REALLY COOL because the shot glass blocked dye from getting to the bottom part of the egg, which resulted in a strip of dye.

I took the shot glass out of the dye and just let the egg sit on the glass for a little while to try to prevent drips down the egg.

The I forgot to take pictures of the egg for my next couple of steps BUT

this is what the finished egg looked like. The blue strip in the middle was the result of the shot glass.

While I was messing around with my shot glass idea, Alex got all sneaky with a wax crayon on an egg.

Sneaky sneaky. See my shot glass egg sitting beside him in the dye?

When he was done with his egg he showed it to me. This was the first side...

Please excuse the bad photography, eggs are trickier than I expected to take pictures of because they're round and reflect light. Maybe I need to take a photography course. But that's off topic.

This is rotating the egg around...

Can you guess what's coming next? Cuz I totally didn't. I was too distracted by my eggs.

Isn't that really sweet? He made an egg with him on one side and me on the other. I loved this egg so much. It was the last one I ate because I wanted to treasure it.

And for the finale:

These are all of our eggs! Notice the bottom right one? I had seen that Alex had an "A" on one side of an egg so I was like "Cool! I'm gonna do one with my initials too!" Guess how dumb I felt when I saw he was actually doing BOTH our initials.

So that's my easter evening! I hope everyone else's was fun too!

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